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The mission of Worthington Public Utilities (WPU) is to provide high quality and reasonably priced utility products and services for the Worthington area.  For the year 2017, we were very successful in achieving that mission in regard to the provision of electric service to our customer-owners.

The electric industry has established standardized reliability indices that allow electric distribution utilities to track their reliability performance and can also be used to compare performance against other utilities.  The indices include the System Average Interruption Frequency Index (SAIFI) which measures the number of times during a one-year period that service to an average customer is interrupted, the Customer Average Interruption Duration Index (CAIDI) which measures the average duration (in minutes) of outages experienced during the year and the System Average Interruption Duration Index (SAIDI) which measures the minutes of outage experienced by the average customer during the year.

Based on data compiled by the American Public Power Association (APPA) for 2017, the average SAIFI of all respondents was 0.852 compared to WPU’s SAIFI of 0.033 meaning a customer of the average respondent was nearly 26 times more likely than a WPU customer to experience an outage during the year.  When an outage did occur, it took WPU an average of approximately 79 minutes to restore service as compared to an average duration of nearly 322 minutes for all respondents.  According to the data, in 2017 the average WPU customer experienced an unscheduled loss of power for 1.6 minutes during the year compared to a customer of the average respondent experiencing unscheduled outages lasting a little over 157 minutes.

WPU participates in a semi-annual survey conducted by Owatonna Public Utilities that compares electric costs (based on standard usages) as reported by eleven municipal utilities, two rural electric cooperatives and one investor-owned utility.  For the calendar year 2017, a WPU customer experienced the second lowest annual cost for electric service in all three customer categories (Residential, Commercial and Industrial).

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Annual Sump Pump Inspections
Apr 11, 2018

Worthington Public Utilities would like to remind our customers that the discharge of sump pumps into the sanitary sewer system is a violation of City Ordinance and is subject to a fine. 

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