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After over four years of consistently below average water levels in our primary water supply wells, the unprecedented recharge that we experienced over last winter has led to above average well level readings throughout all of far.  Our levels reached their peak in mid-March measuring 10 feet 8 inches above historic average and, as of late August, remain a little over 4 feet above average.  One year ago, well levels were nearly 10 feet below average.

While the total water consumption among all customer classes has increased 1.3% compared to the same period last year, total consumption through July 2016 was 1.3% lower than it was over the same period in 2012.  Residential customers have been paticularly aggressive in their water conservation efforts and, through July 2016, have reduced water consumption by 11.3% compared to 2012 levels.  The "per person, per day" residential water usage has decreased consistently over the past decade, from a little over 65 gallons in 2006 to a little less than 48 gallons in 2015.  While estimates vary, most sources put the U.S. average residential water use per person per day at 75-100 gallons.

Worthington Public Utilities would like to thank all of our customers for their cooperation and patience in helping us through these difficult last few years.  If we didn't realize it before, we should all now understand that water is a precious and limited resource and we need to use it wisely!


Construction is continuing on the Minnesota portion of the Lewis & Clark Regional Water System.  The City of Luverne is now connected and began receiving water in March of this year.  Pipeline construction is currently underway between Luverne and Magnolia where Rock County Rural Water will have their second connection point to the system and Lincoln Pipestone Rural Water will have one of their two planned connections.  L&C water should be available at those connections this fall.  The contract was recently awarded for pipeline construction between Magnolia and Lincoln Pipestone's second connection point near Adrian.  A combination of federal funds and funding advances from the State of Minnesota is already in place to facilitate construction to Adrian and also to get the route from Adrian to Worthington "shovel ready".  However, funding for the actual construction of the last segment needed to connect Worthington has not yet been secured.

The final piece of funding needed to get Worthington connected was included in the bonding bill which failed to pass in the waning minutes of the last Minnesota legislative session.  Had the bill passed it was anticipated that a construction contract to Worthington would have been awarded late this year and we would have been connected to the system by mid-summer 2018.  With the hopes of a special legislataive session to complete the State's unfinished business quickly fading, the lack of funding will result in having to wait until at least sometime in 2017 to award the construction contract to Worthington and the ultimate delivery date of L&C water to Worthington will be delayed.  How long it will be delayed will depend on the future levels of federal funding the project receives and the success or failure to receive a final state funding advance during the 2017 legislative session.

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