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Worthington Public Utilities Goes 100% Carbon-Free in 2021

The Worthington Public Utilities (WPU) Water & Light Commission voted unanimously during its March 1, 2021, meeting to make all of the electricity sold in Worthington 100% carbon-free beginning January 1, 2021.  The Commission made the decision based on continuing concerns about emissions from fossil fuel-based electrical generation contributing to climate change. By going carbon-free system wide, WPU is helping all customers meet their goals of reducing their impact on the environment.

WPU will achieve 100% carbon-free by participating in the Bright Energy Choices (BEC) program offered through our supplemental power supplier, Missouri River Energy Services (MRES).  The BEC program allows WPU to purchase Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) to offset the emissions created from electricity generated by fossil fuel plants.  RECs provide proof that electricity was generated by qualifying clean, renewable facilities (such as wind and solar farms) and fed into the electric grid.

According to MRES, in 2020 WPU’s power supply mix consisted of 81% clean, carbon-free electricity with approximately 25% coming from hydropower supplied by the dams on the Missouri River.  The remainder of our needs are met by MRES through a diverse mix of resources including wind, solar, nuclear, coal, natural gas, diesel fuel and market purchases.  WPU will be purchasing RECs to account for the 19% of our total energy that is not already secured through carbon-free resources.  The purchase of RECs lets WPU and our customers support the development of additional carbon-free, renewable resources while maintaining the reliability of our electric supply.  The purchase of RECs will not result in a rate increase or impact customer’s electric bills.

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Water & Light Commission Change in Membership
Mar 24, 2021

The Worthington City Council has appointed Amy Ernst to the Water and Light Commission to fill the unexpired term of Council Member/Commissioner Mike Harmon.  Mike passed away unexpectedly on March 4 and had served on
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Minnesota Cold Weather Rule
Aug 6, 2020

The Minnesota Cold Weather Rule was developed to protect individuals who may experience difficulty paying their electric utility bills during the winter season from October 15 to April 15. Worthington Public Utilities will not disconnect
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