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Odd Even Watering Restrictions

July 21, 2023


The City of Worthington’s odd-even watering restrictions are in effect and are being enforced.  Customers having odd numbered addresses may water only on the odd numbered days of the month and customers with even numbered addresses may water only on the even numbered days of the month. 

Residents are also encouraged to limit watering to early morning hours since the hot midday sun can result in the loss of 30% or more of your water to evaporation.  Watering too late in the day can promote lawn problems brought on by cool, moist conditions overnight.

Pursuant to established city ordinances and policies, violation of the odd-even watering restrictions is a misdemeanor offense and is subject to fines or possible disconnection of water service.  Your cooperation may allow us to avoid imposing additional watering restrictions.  Please contact us at 372-8680 with any questions.


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