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Water Softener Replacement Rebates Show Success!

May 15, 2023

 As of the end of May 2024, WPU has successfully replaced or upgraded 200 high-salt-use water softeners.  Program participants are expected to see an average 79% reduction in their monthly salt use.  Before replacements and upgrades, participants were using an average of 22½ 50-pound bags of salt per year.  With the softener replacements and upgrades, their salt use is projected to be lowered to an average of 4½ bags of salt per year with an average savings of $127 on yearly salt purchases.  That’s a lot less salt to haul down to the basement and more money in your pocket. These residents and small businesses also received a $150 to $988 rebate to replace or upgrade their softeners.  Over 81,000 fewer pounds of salt is being discharged to Okabena Creek each year helping to protect aquatic life.


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