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Wellhead Protection Plan

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Wellhead Protection Plan

The purpose of the Wellhead Protection Program is to prevent contamination of public drinking water supplies by identifying water supply recharge areas and implementing management practices for potential pollution sources found within those areas. 

In 2014 Worthington Public Utilities began the process of amending the City of Worthington Wellhead Protection Plan (WHPP), Parts I and II as required by the Minnesota Wellhead Protection Rule 4720.5100 to 4720.5590.  The amended plan was approved by the Minnesota Department of Health on March 13, 2018.

To view Worthington Public Utilities' WHPP and educational information on wellhead protection, click on the links below:

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If you have any questions regarding Worthington Public Utilities' WHPP you may contact Eric Roos, Water Superintendent, at (507) 372-8680 or